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The Little Things Are the Big Things...

Our entire ethos revolves around this guiding philosophy—placing paramount importance on the customer experience, upholding rigorous standards for quality, and demonstrating unwavering commitment to performance, as evidenced by our prestigious RVIA and HUD certifications.

Even in the minutest aspects, such as our meticulously chosen designer cabinet pulls, artisan-crafted rafter brackets, and the groundbreaking proprietary technology embedded in Connect-EZ® (our intuitive common sense connections system) and Ergo-Craft® (our advanced 3rd Gen Cabinet builders), Sweet-Haus ensures that every detail contributes to making your tiny home not just a dwelling but a true "Home Sweet Home."

Sweet-Haus is a thoughtfully designed living space that combines elegance, comfort, and a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal. It is characterized by its meticulous attention to detail and the seamless integration of luxurious features with functional elements. The floorplan promotes a smooth and intuitive flow between different areas of the home with strategic placement of rooms, corridors, and common spaces for a sense of openness and connectivity. Sweet-Haus maximizes the efficient use of space, allowing for both grand entertaining and everyday living.  Features such as our Scandinavian inspired kitchen, high-end appliances, and well proportioned bedrooms and bathrooms. Architectural elements such as high ceilings, large windows and premium materials contribute to the luxury feel of the floorplan. Ample storage throughout the floor plan such as closets, built-in cabinetry and well-designed storage spaces emphasize practicality of this luxury home, allowing for organized living without compromising on style. Our spacious porch extends the living space and provides opportunities for relaxation, entertaining, or enjoying panoramic views. 


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The Sweet-Haus Process

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  • Find Your Ideal Location

    Sweet-Haus Cabins are perfect for investment property, private land, tiny home communities, RV parks, resorts, mother-in-law suites, granny pods, home offices, or VRBOs. Our cabins are great for business minded people. In fact, customers that qualify can often write-off a large portion of their Sweet-Haus purchase in the year its put into use. *IRS-Section179

  • Choose Your Design

    The Inspiration Series of Luxury Park Models is available in (3) designer packages sharing a single platform. Its Scandinavian-inspired building techniques and trend setting designs are focused on quality, forward thinking designs, and functionality.

  • Customize Your Interior

    Sweet-Haus makes the process simple. No more bait-and-switch or long design meetings. We value your time so we’ve simplified the process to include the very best materials as standard procedures in our design. Why fret over small details when you know you're getting the best! Pick your design series and color palette. We offer forward-thinking add-ons to suit your lifestyle - explore our design options.

  • Construction In Our Warehouse

    Everything we build is in a controlled climate. We've scrutinized every aspect of construction, fit-n-finish, and functionality, to design and produce one of the highest quality cabins on the market. Every step of the build process has rigorous quality control processes (3rd Party Inspected), innovative features, and beautiful designs. With collaborative team efforts and over 12 years experience in designing small spaces, we've constructed every aspect of the build to improve performance, maximize space, and add innovation.

  • Delivery & Move In

    Sweet-Haus prides itself in serving its customers before, during, and after the sale. We always answer the phone and respond quickly to customers’ questions or calls.  The after the sale process is something that is very important to Sweet-Haus and near and dear to our hearts. Our proprietary ConnectEZ® system is a cutting edge approach to the tiny home movement and allows customers to connect their cabin with an affordable, common-sense approach. In fact, our cabins have so many different uses that we created a system that allows the cabin to be hooked up semi-permanent (RV park or campground) or permanent, like a traditional home. 

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