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Cabin Comforts, Scandinavian Style

Cabin Comforts, Scandinavian Style

Sweet-Haus is a thoughtfully designed living space that combines elegance, comfort, and a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal. It is characterized by its meticulous attention to detail and the seamless integration of luxurious features with functional elements. The floorplan promotes a smooth and intuitive flow between different areas of the home with strategic placement of rooms, corridors, and common spaces for a sense of openness and connectivity. Sweet-Haus maximizes the efficient use of space, allowing for both grand entertaining and everyday living.

Features such as our Scandinavian

Features such as our Scandinavian inspired kitchen, high-end appliances, and well proportioned bedrooms and bathrooms. Architectural elements such as high ceilings, large windows and premium materials contribute to the luxury feel of the floorplan. Ample storage throughout the floor plan such as closets, built-in cabinetry and well-designed storage spaces emphasize practicality of this luxury home, allowing for organized living without compromising on style. Our spacious porch extends the living space and provides opportunities for relaxation, entertaining, or enjoying panoramic views. 

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The Little Things Are the Big Things

The Little Things Are the Big Things

Sweet-Haus makes the process simple. No more bait-and-switch or long design meetings. We value your time so we’ve simplified the process to include the very best materials as standard procedures in our design. Why fret over small details when you know you're getting the best! Pick your design series and color palette. We offer a handful of forward-thinking add-ons to suit your lifestyle.  We can build your Sweet-Haus in (2) different types of construction: Traditional stick-frame *EZ-HAUS® for a lifetime, maintenance free home, or our Solid log construction cabin for that rustic beauty in any setting. 

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Quality Control & Testing

Quality Control & Testing

Our cabins are tested and QC'd extensively throughout the entire building process and after. We call this our "Lipstick station" where we have three dedicated stations powered-up for additional quality control, testing, and cleaning. We have a QC specialist assigned to this station only.  We test all the Plumbing, Appliances, Water Heater, HVAC, Fireplace, Dishwasher and Washer/Dryer.  We label every drop, prep for shipping, sign-off the final qc sheet, and position it in our shipping lane for an easy pickup. The punch list is done internally through-out the entire build process so you can feel confident that your cabin will operate as it should upon delivery.  Oh, BTW - we clean the windows! 

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